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Super Bingo - Instructions

Our guide to playing Bingo through your mobile phone with mBet.

Start now to get your £10 bonus absolutely free.

Remember, all new players get £10 instantly:

Game Description

Game Instructions

As with all mBet games, it's easy to get started with Super Bingo. Just download, install, and open the game to immediately start playing with your free £10 coupon.

Your numbers are auto-daubed as the balls are called so that you don't miss any in all the excitement! Once you've played your free money you can register and play for real.


Super Bingo has just the one hall, making it easy to play with your friends. Just join a game at the same time as each other & you'll be playing together.

So the next time you're at dinner with your friends & waiting for your order, open up Super Bingo for the chance to win hundreds of £££'s & more than cover your dinner bill!

Super Bingo Jackpots:

Get any line (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to win a prize, but the quicker you get the line the more money you'll win.

Get a line within the first 20 balls to win the progessive jackpot, which is anything between £500 & £5000!

How to Get Started:

Go to this page to download Super Bingo to your mobile. Enter your number and a free message will be sent to you with a link to download the game. Learn more...

How to Deposit:

You can deposit within Super Bingo easily and securely. mBet accepts credit/debit cards and mobile phone billing. Learn more...

Our Super Bingo Mobile Tip:

Play at unconventional hours to increase your chances of winning due to less people playing.