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Snake Charm Mobile Slots - Instructions

Our step by step guide showing you how to download, register and play Snake Charm on your mobile phone. Remember, all new players get £10 free.

Snake Charm has an ever growing progressive jackpot up for grabs!

Ready? Collect your £10 bonus:

Game Description

Game Instructions

Snake Charm Prize Info:

Snake Charm has a progressive, linked jackpot! This means that everytime someone plays a game of Snake Charm, a part of their stake is added to the jackpot pile.

The jackpot keeps growing and growing until some lucky punter wins it by getting 3 snakes in a row!

Get 3 snakes and the total jackpot is yours!

All prizes:

Snake Charm Super Feature:

To enter the Snake Charm Super Feature, get 3 snake heads in a line. You'll be presented with the 'Snakes and Ladders' board.

Next spin the dice and climb the ladder while collecting prizes. Be careful though, because deadly snakes with venomous fangs are scattered around the board!

Bump into one and it's all over! Don't relax until you're home!

How to Get Started:

Just go here to download Snake Charm to your mobile. Enter your number and a free message will be sent to you with a link to download the game. Downloading will cost you a normal internet download charge, which is practically nothing or even free.

Start up the game and a free tenner will be in your account to get you started!

How to Deposit:

You can deposit within Snake Charm Mobile easily and securely. Just go to "Get Credit" in any mBet mobile casino game.

mBet accepts credit/debit cards and mobile phone billing. Learn more...

How to Collect Winnings:

Just go to on your PC and click 'Cashout'. mBet will send you a cheque within 7 days. If you need your cash quicker, they can transfer it into your bank account the same day -- just call them on 0871 3096949.

Our Snake Charm Mobile Tip:

On the Snake Charm Super Feature, if you've been around the board once on the and you land next to a snake, your best bet is to take your money and run!